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  1. welly
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  3. lenovx
    Apple Mасbоок Pro A1502 Bios EMC 2678 820-3536-A
  4. ERM
    Hello ...
  5. Dmitry44
  6. sergeyzhamombaev
  7. dachn
    fortuna non penis
  8. fvikz
    need help (
  9. michaellviv
  10. apirak
    thank you
  11. frankpaya
    a la orden
  12. Stojke
    Stojke Administrator
    Hello, if possible, we believe that the button for "UPLOAD" should be different color (Maybe orange), we could not find it for some time when trying to make a thread. Also if possible some indicator that upload is being done, what if upload is stuck and somebody is waiting for a long time?
  13. saidul islam
  14. saidul islam
    saidul islam
    thanks forum everybody
  15. СергейВоин
    Как обновит стататус
  16. Taras
    Thanks you bios-fix.com
  17. kashifsyed
  18. eylemci74
  19. ilyad34d
  20. Noah
    Noah Administrator
    Hello, I want to purchase an account please, can I chat with you?
    1. Administrator
      yes come online
      Apr 11, 2018
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