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Unlock bios Passwor for Dell BF97 2018-11-09

Unlock bios Dell BF97

  1. Administrator
    How to unlock bios password for Dell with service tag BF97

    If you have a Dell notebook with ServiceTag (System number): BF97
    our site will allow you to remove password from BIOS or HDD.

    How to remove the password? Here’s an instruction:
    1. When you turn on your notebook, you should wait for the screen with a password.
      Here you will find system number It’s a string of seven digits, then dash and at the end: BF97,
    2. for example system number: CLY9SQ2-BF97

    • Click button Buy Now (above) to buy the code for unlocking your laptop.(if you did not see the button Buy Now please log in or sign up the account)
    • After payment processing, your master password will be sent immediately (to your email and PayPal email address)
    • After entering your password, press the left Ctrl key and continue holding it, press Enter key.
    • Your laptop is unlocked
    Check the video to see how the password working