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Unlock Fujitsu-Siemens bios Password 24 characters 6×4 hexadecimal system disable 2018-06-28

Unlock Fujitsu-Siemens bios Password

  1. Administrator
    f you have a Fujitsu Siemens 24 characters 6×4 hexadecimal digits example ( 0F17-0703-4107-1652-5582-0195) we will give you the possibility for you to remove the password from BIOS

    • Power on your laptop and wait for the password screen
    • Enter the following strings: “3hqgo3“, “jqw534” and “0qww294e in the exact order, following each of them by pressing the <Enter> key.
    • You will receive System disabled code from which the password can be calculated.


    In this case, System Disable key is (0F17-0703-4107-1652-5582-0195)

    • Click button Buy Now (above) to buy the password (if you did not see Buy Now button please log in or sign up the account)
    or make payment here


    After payment processing, your master password will be sent immediately (to your email and PayPal email address)

    • After you receive the password turn off and ON again laptop and put my password
    • VERY IMPORTANT:Do not power off the computer once you provide us with a password. There’s a unique password for every system disabled.Don’t turn off your notebook, don’t restart it, don’t enter anything except generated code.
    Your laptop was unlocked