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Unlock bios password for FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U745

Discussion in 'Fujitsu-Siemens bios Password remove' started by Administrator, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Apr 6, 2017
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    We remove/unlock bios administrator password for FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U745

    Click the link below to buy the code for unlocking your laptop.


    We need only System disabled code to unlock it


    Add my skype: biosfix2016@gmail.com

    Whatsup: +16176147065

    Join telegram channel :


    • Power on your laptop and wait for the password screen
    • Enter the following strings: “3hqgo3“, “jqw534” and “0qww294e” in the exact order, following each of them by pressing the <Enter> key.
    • You will receive System disabled code from which the password can be calculated.
    • After payment processing, your master password will be sent immediately (to your email and PayPal email address
    • After you receive the password turn off and ON again laptop and put my password
    Check my channel in youtube in order to see how to unlock the bios password for all kinds of models


    or post a request here with Photo when password appears


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