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Utilities for backup / firmware / BIOS editing

Discussion in 'Tools / Datasheet' started by Administrator, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Utilities for backup / firmware / BIOS editing.

    1. Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit (download) – backup “any” of the BIOS on the host of a Win.
    2. FLASHIT-1.3v– universal flasher / bekaper for InsydeH20 (DOS-version)
    3. RW-Everything – Powerful utility for hardware engineers, firmware (BIOS) engineers
    4. SLIC ToolKit V3.2 – editing SLIC-table (whitelist-s).
    5. MMTool v3.23 – Editor AMI-BIOS (Asus).
    6. MMTool v4.50 – Editor AMI Aptio EFI-BIOS
    7. Phoenix.BIOS.Editor.Pro.v2.2.1.3 (Portable) – Phoenix-BIOS Editor

    Utilities for backup / firmware / BIOS editing video.

    1. NiBiTor Util – NVIDIA BIOS Editor
    2. RBEditor – Radeon BIOS Editor

    Utilities to unpack / BIOS changes.

    0. Unpacking * .exe-Schnick.
    The first thing you need to try to unpack the exe-Schnick archiver (preferably 7-a Zip-om, as the latest version supports a large number of packers), if not help, then try to unpack the plugin InstallExplorer 0.9.2 (plug migrated from FAR-a ) for Total Commander-a.
    The output should get a bunch of files from which to interested FD-files – Insyde, FLx-, WPH-files – Phoenix, ROM-, BIN-files – and Phoenix and AMI (universal file extension).
    Hereinafter: the binary – it stretched from the archives of FD-, FLx-, WPH-, ROM-, BIN-file.

    1. Decoding encrypted RSA algorithm, binary InsydeH20 (HP G62-a50ER and the like).
    1) swing PhoenixTool
    2) PhoenixTool utilities package includes programm hewprsa.exe
    With it decrypts the encrypted binary
    Running: hewprsa.exe -d bios_in.fd -o bios_out.fd
    bios_in.fd – inlet
    bios_out.fd – Output
    Alternative: just run PhoenixTool.exe and open the binary BIOS. After working program obtain the decrypted binary with the extension DEC.

    2. Unpacking InsydeH20 other binaries.
    1) swing prog EzH2O
    2) File \ Load File …, unless swore, then File \ Save As …

    3. Unpack binaries Phoenix starts with a line: BCPVPD or $ COMPIBM – from Lenovo such
    1) unpack exe-Schnick InstallExplorer plugin for TC, get a file * .FL1
    2.1) swing prog e_bcpvpw (part of the PhoenixTool) and unpack the binary itself:
    Running: e_bcpvpw.exe bios_in.fl1 bios_out.fl1
    2.2), or swing the other prog phcomp and unpack it:
    Running: phcomp.exe / d bios.fl

    4. Unpacking some Compaq-ovskih binaries.
    Awesome Dirty Do Checksum Checker V3

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