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  1. DANIEL1992
  2. Adian Ruiz
    Adian Ruiz Cristabell
  3. rchiang
    rchiang Administrator
    hola. Soy cubano tengo mi lapto dañada por la BIOS Samsung (np275E4E-KD2BR ) . no tengo manera de poder suscribirme y poder pagar la programación , si es posible mandarmela a mi correo [email protected] .
  4. traibanh5642
  5. traichuoi2485
  6. christios
    hard working
  7. Stylishh1
    Stylishh1 anura_kchamp
    Hello, I have the same issue with HP 820 g2 "warning machine is not in committed state". Could you please send me fix file?
  8. reinerzagada
    reinerzagada Administrator
    can you help me to reset/remove BIOS password? here's the code #1CGS063-8FC8
  9. alexhdezmx
  10. B2spun
    B2spun Administrator
    Need unlock password administrator for HP 14-ds0010nr
    Service tag F9631B9C
    I have paid
    1. Administrator
  11. Ck electronics
    Ck electronics Administrator
    Hello, need bios password reset for dell latitude 5400 system Number: DQ7QW33-8FC8
    Payment has been made please send unlock code
  12. Hailachew Zemene
    Hailachew Zemene
    how to unlock lenovo thinkpad t470
  13. 548525671
  14. Juan Antonio
    Juan Antonio Administrator

    I need dump bios, please:

    X1 Carbon 2nd Gen (Type 20A8) I7-4600U // Serial: R9-07EFRY 15/01
    LMQ-1 MB 12298-2 // 48.4LY06.021
    MEC 1633L-AUE // 25L12873F

  15. Imran Computers
  16. Imran Computers
  17. Imran Computers
  18. balloons
    balloons Administrator
    no data on my asus laptop f5z motherboard
  19. papista
  20. vuongasasas