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How to unlock bios password for Apple EFI & iCloud 4-6 PIN for 15 unlock apple 2.0

unlock bios password for Apple EFI

  1. Administrator
    Tools for unlocking Apple EFI & iCloud 4-6 PIN
    Work for all models Apple and iMac 2010-2017

    Tools for 15 laptop apple with EFI & iCloud 4-6 PIN unlock is 310 Euro
    • Click button Buy Now (above) to buy the Tools for unlocking your laptop(if you did not see Buy Now button please log in or sign up the account)

    Check the video to learn how the tools working


    The price is without transport cost
    We can ship it from the USA and Europe with normal post and fast shipping with DHL, FedEx, TNT etc

    If you have the tools or if you will buy the tools, we can refill the unlock code remotely, after purchase refill the unlock code, we will need tool serial number and we refill your tools with new unlock code

    Price for refill remotely are?

    5 unlock Apple code – price 95 euro

    15 unlock Apple code – price 240 euro

    30 unlock Apple code – price 370 euro

    note: 5 unlock Apple code is for 5 apples unlock password removed