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How to unlock Dell with service tag 6FF1 1.0

unlock Dell with service tag 6FF1

  1. Administrator
    If you have a Dell notebook with ServiceTag: 6FF1
    our site will allow you to remove password from BIOS or HDD (Hard drive).

    You must only specify for us your ServiceTag which you can see as soon as you turn on your notebook. We will do for you the hardest part - by removing the password. Our system works automatically and after a few minutes, you will get from us an e-mail with a password.

    How to remove the password? Here’s an instruction:
    1. When you turn on your notebook, you should wait for the screen with a password.
      Here you will find ServiceTag. It’s a string of seven digits, then dash and at the end: 6FF1 for example F2Y0BT2-6FF1
    1. In the figure below F2Y0BT2-6FF1
      is the service Tag (system number)

    Click button Buy Now (above) to buy the code for unlocking your laptop(if you did not see Buy Now button please log in or sign up the account)
    or send to my paypal: [email protected]
    12.9 Euro

    make payment here

    You pay with paypal
    Paypal is 100% secured
    If password not work i will refund you

    if you dont have a paypal account use Skrill to send payment
    send to my SKRILL email:

    skrill: [email protected]

    if you have problem to make payment please contact me :

    (you can pay with your Debit or Credit card)

    Add my skype: [email protected]

    WhatsApp: +16176147065

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