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Unlock bios Password for Toshiba Satellite Pro, Portege, Tecra,Qosmio 1.0

Toshiba Satellite Pro, toshitiba Portege,toshiba Tecra,toshiba Qosmio

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    View attachment 82687 How to unlock bios password for Toshiba Satellite Pro, Toshiba Portege, Toshiba Tecra, Toshiba Qosmio

    How to remove the password? Here’s an instruction:
    • Click button Buy Now (above) to buy the code for unlocking your laptop.(if you did not see the button Buy Now please log in or sign up the account)
    or send to my paypal: biosfix2015@gmail.com
    33 Euro

    or make payment here:

    if you dont have a paypal account use Skrill to send payment
    send to my SKRILL email:

    skrill: biosfix2015@gmail.com

    You pay with paypal
    Paypal is 100% secured
    If password not work i will refund you

    if you have problem to make payment please contact me :

    (you can pay with your Debit or Credit card)
    • After payment processing, your Response code will be sent immediately (to your email and PayPal email address
    • VERY IMPORTANT:Do not power off the computer once you provide us with a Response code. There’s a unique Response code .Don’t turn off your notebook, don’t restart it, don’t enter anything except generated Response code.
    1. Switch on the notebook, when the boot logo appears press [F2].
      "Password=" will be display.

    1. Press keys in the order [CTRL], [TAB], [CTRL] and [ENTER].

    The Serial number and Callenge code will be displayed.


    Please Note:
    For some reasons it could happen that no PC Serial No. and Challenge Code will displayed instead of "Not Certified" appears.
    In this case remove the AC-adapter and the battery for a short time and try it again some time.
    • You will receive the "Response code".
    • Enter the Response code


      Press [ENTER] key.
      The "TOSHIBA Setup Utility" (BIOS) appears.
    (if your laptop reboot press immediately F2 holding down to enter bios setup utility)
    • Press [F2] key to enter Toshiba setup utility
    • Go to the "Securtiy" tab by pressing the cursor right key [->].
    toshiba 1.jpg
    • Check if the line "Supervisor Registered" is marked or if you don't have supervisor registered check line "User Password Registered" is marked.
    • Press [ENTER].
    • Press [space bar].
    • Press [ENTER] first time.

    • Press [ENTER] second time.

    • Press [ENTER] third time.

      The Supervisor Password is set to "Not Registered".
    • Press [F10] key to save the changes and confirm this by pressing the [Y] key.
    • The BIOS Password is deleted.
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